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June is National Athletic Therapy Month (NATM), and KineMedics is pleased to be able to offer help to many patients for common athletic ailments.

Our athletic therapists offer on-field and clinical assistance to a wide variety of athletes for common sports injuries. At KineMedics, we are proud to work with athletic therapists across the country at all levels of sport: from our national teams all the way down to community sports groups.

With all of the advancements in sports sciences, the basic principles of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) still hold true in the treatment of most common sports injuries. One of the main treatments for many muscle injuries is compression, and some of the tools of trade that offer compression as an injury recovery tool are available to everyone, such as Recoverypump, a powerful, portable compression device for muscle recovery and various brands of compression wear. Ask any of our staff to assist you in choosing the right equipment and ensuring a perfect fit.

KineMedics is a great resource for injured athletes looking for reconditioning; amateur sports enthusiasts needing to heal; anyone suffering from a musculoskeletal injury and looking to go back to work; health professionals with patients who need our care; and everything in between. Our staff help people get back to living life, whether it’s National Athletic Therapy Month, or any other month.

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