Keeping Fit on the Go: Your Essential Travel Workout Package

March 21st, 2024

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Whether you’re planning your next trip for work or booking a vacation, it can be easy to let your commitment to fitness slide once you’ve stepped away from routine. After all, vacations are for rest and relaxation, right? However, whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply someone who loves to keep moving, maintaining your exercise routine can be an integral part of your holiday – not a chore.

Exercise is not just about maintaining a physical form or training for a competition. It’s a lifestyle choice that offers myriad benefits – improved mood, increased energy, better sleep, and even enhanced cognitive function. These benefits don’t need to be left behind when you pack your suitcase. In fact, maintaining your exercise routine while traveling can help you combat holiday stress, beat jet lag, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

But how do you manage to work out effectively while juggling flights, sightseeing, and savoring local cuisines? How do you ensure you have everything you need to keep fit without overloading your luggage?

That’s where we come in. We’ve curated an essential Travel Workout Package that’s compact, lightweight, and versatile enough to give you a comprehensive workout, no matter where you are. Let’s get into the must-have items that will keep your fitness goals on track, even when you’re miles away from your local gym.

CoreFX Advanced Toner

The Advanced Toner from CoreFX is your perfect travel companion for a high-powered workout. This innovative fitness tool is not just about cutting calories and burning fat; this toner offers a full-body workout that enhances flexibility, strengthens muscles, and aids in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Crafted with premium rubber core tubing and an ultra-strong safety sleeve, the Advanced Toner is built to withstand even the most intense training sessions. Its sturdy handles ensure safety, durability, and versatility, catering to athletes of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, a regular gym-goer seeking a toned and sculpted body, or an athlete focusing on injury rehabilitation, the CoreFX Advanced Toner is designed to meet your needs. This versatile workout tool will help you increase strength, build lean muscle mass quickly, and maintain your fitness routine no matter where your travels take you.

Buy the CoreFX Advanced Toner here.

CoreFX Pro Loops

Unleash your inner fitness pro with the COREFX Pro Loops! This versatile workout accessory is designed to take your fitness routine to the next level, whether you’re focusing on strengthening, toning, rehabilitation, or stretching. The Pro Loops are 10″ x 2″ resistance bands that offer four different resistance levels, making them a perfect fit for any fitness enthusiast, regardless of their level. They are specifically designed to target your lower body, adding an extra layer of challenge to your regular workout.

The Pro Loops are not just high-performing, they’re also comfortable and user-friendly. Made from 100% medical-grade latex, these resistance bands are buttery-soft and stretchy, and feature a smooth outer texture that stays in place without pulling at your hair or skin. This ensures a comfortable workout experience, whether you’re at home, the gym, or on the road. Their seamless integration into any workout program—be it cardio, warm-up routines, or strenuous resistance training—makes them an essential addition to your Travel Workout Package. With COREFX Pro Loops, achieving your fitness goals has never been more accessible or convenient, no matter where you are.

Buy the CoreFX Pro Loops here.

Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Ball Pair

Experience the power of deep tissue massage at your fingertips with the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Pair in Tote. Known as the ‘OGs’ among our Roll Model® Therapy Balls, these compact yet effective tools are designed to identify and alleviate tension and adhesions you may not even be aware of. Whether it’s neck stiffness or plantar fasciitis, these therapy balls provide targeted relief by gripping and grabbing your skin, fascia, and multiple muscle layers.

Each ball measures 2 ½ inches in diameter, providing the precision of a massage therapist’s thumbs in a convenient, portable form. Use them individually for precise, targeted rolling or together as a pair to disperse pressure more broadly. But these balls do more than just relieve aches and pains. They can also help diminish pain perception by nourishing your superficial, deep, and loose fascial layers, improving fluid circulation, physical coordination, and overall wellness. Furthermore, healthier tissues lead to increased proprioception – your sense of body awareness and position – in stillness and motion. The Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls effectively heighten your sense of touch and movement, making them an invaluable addition to your fitness routine.

Buy the Yoga Tune-up Therapy Ball Pair in Tote here.

Rehab Stretch Strap

Elevate your stretching routine with the Rehab Stretch Strap. This compact tool, measuring 83″ in length and 1″ in width, is designed to assist in stretching tight, sore, and stiff muscles, making it an indispensable part of your fitness or rehabilitation program. Its non-elastic strap features sewn anchors that allow you to shorten the strap length, providing a versatile range of exercises tailored to your needs. With its sleek black design, this strap is not only functional but also easy to store, ensuring you can keep up with your stretching routine wherever you are.

The Rehab Stretch Strap supports a variety of stretching exercises, whether you’re focusing on your hamstrings, overhead lat, hip flexor, triceps, calves, chest and shoulders, lats, or sides. This means you can target multiple muscle groups with just one tool, enhancing your flexibility and range of motion. Whether you’re warming up before a workout, cooling down after an intense session, or simply looking to improve your flexibility, the Rehab Stretch Strap is your go-to accessory.

Buy the Rehab Stretch Strap here.

Maintaining an exercise routine while traveling is essential for both physical health and mental well-being. Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, it’s important to keep moving, stretch those muscles, and stay fit. With the right tools, you can turn any location into your personal gym.

The products in our Travel Workout Package have been carefully curated to provide a comprehensive workout, catering to different muscle groups and addressing various fitness needs. You can purchase all of these products individually or as our specially curated Essential Travel Workout Package 1 and Package 2. They offer a portable solution to keep up with your fitness routine, no matter where you are. So pack these in your suitcase the next time you travel, and ensure that your fitness goals remain on track, even when you’re away from home.

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