Product Rentals

Rent physical therapy medical products

Purchasing equipment isn’t always necessary. Patients who are undergoing preparation for surgery or for post-operative rehabilitation may only need to borrow equipment for a short time. KineMedics has specialized medical equipment available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis.

Our Goal: The right product, the right training

Our goal is to connect you with the right product, and we train you how to use it. We are committed to making sure our customers fully understand how to use the products and equipment that can make the difference in healing their injuries. We only carry medical products that have been proven to work and have been tested by leading health care providers and their clients.

Contact us for more information about whether equipment rental may be appropriate for your situation or complete the form below.

Our rental products include:

  • TENS – Pain Control
  • SAM Sport Low Intensity Wearable Ultrasound
  • NMES: Muscle Stimulation
  • CPM: Continuous Passive Motion
  • Elite Seat – Knee Extension
  • Game Ready: Cryotherapy/Compression
  • Home Traction: Cervical or Lumbar
  • Recovery Pump: Sequential Pneumatic Compression

KineMedics Rental Request

To borrow equipment or medical supplies from KineMedics, please fill out the form below. One of our trained professionals will be in touch to confirm your rental request. Before submitting this form, please read the rental terms and conditions.