Total Clinical Solutions Program

For health pros, by health pros

KineMedics’ Total Clinical Solutions (TCS) program is designed for clinicians, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, sports trainers and others who work in the field of sports medicine and sports therapy. TCS is streamlined and cost-effective.

Rebate & Rewards Program

All TCS members are automatically enrolled in KineMedics’ vendor rebate program. Clinical partners receive a rebate credit on all eligible purchases. Calculated quarterly. TCS members also automatically accumulate points for amounts spent on eligible purchases. Points can be redeemed for clinical supplies, equipment, and specialized KineMedics products.

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Full Range of Benefits

Preferred Pricing
Preferred pricing on medical supplies and equipment. Discounts of 15% or more off the regular wholesale price, regardless of the size of the order.

Easy Ordering
Access to customized online ordering or, if preferred, customized order forms tailored to your clinic that highlight frequently purchased products and updated discounted pricing.

Equipment Rentals & Loans
Get replacement equipment while any products purchased from KineMedics are out for repair. Rent KineMedics products and equipment on a weekly or monthly basis.

Orthopaedic Product Consulting & Service
Your patients receive on-site, customized orthopaedic fitting services for any specialized orthopaedic product by KineMedics’ trained staff.

Clinic Start-Up Kit
Just starting up your clinic? We’ll tailor a start-up kit that includes all the rehabilitation, physical therapy equipment and medical supplies you need.